There has been plenty of negative press in recent times referring to cutting down on plastic
usage, especially the use of plastic bottles. Plastic bottles take centuries to decompose and if
they are incinerated, toxic byproducts, such as chlorine gas and ash containing heavy metals,
are released into the atmosphere. Plastic bottles contain BPA, this chemical is used to make the
plastic hard and clear. BPA is an endocrine disruptor. These facts pose a major problem for
humans, the environment, and the animals on our planet.
Athlone Drug Awareness Group is actively taking a part in paving the way for a healthier
environment with the introduction of their reusable stainless steel Athlone Drug Awareness
Group sports bottles.
The bottle has a 700ml capacity and is perfect for your trips to the gym or out for a walk or run, it
has a clip so you can attach it to a sports or school bag. Keeping active is very important,
regular physical activity can relieve stress, anxiety, depression and anger. Athlone Drug
Awareness Group is committed to providing education and awareness not only around the
dangers of drug and alcohol misuse but also about the importance of our physical and mental
health. The state of our physical and mental health results in the lifestyle choices we make.
The bottle has been recently welcomed by the healthy living programme provided by Foroige
and Athlone Karate Club. Athlone Drug Awareness Group met with Kieran Burke of Foroige and
Anthony Rodden of Athlone Karate Club to follow up on the excellent activities they are
providing for the young people. Mayor Frankie Keena, Chairman of Athlone Drug Awareness
Group, presented members of the programme with the water bottles to get them involved in
raising awareness and working towards removing single use plastic products from our
In thanking the Midland Regional Drug and Alcohol Taskforce for the funding towards the bottles
Mayor Frankie Keena said that everyone has a responsibility in relation to playing its part in
protecting our environment and that the Athlone Drug Awareness Group is delighted to be
involved. The group continues to play its part in creating awareness about the dangers of
substance misuse through its work with schools and residents / sporting associations, he
Water bottle