Merchants Quay Ireland Athlone’s Community Employment Scheme is a dedicated drugs rehabilitation scheme. This scheme was put in place to provide training and development opportunities for people who are in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse or on maintenance programs. Participants will take part in a range of learning activities to prepare them for a return to better health, education and/or employment. All participants are encouraged to continue to link with local addiction services for a better chance to recover. Programmes may involve literacy and computer skills as well as opportunities for counselling, holistic therapies, arts and crafts and accredited courses. They may also include addiction and relapse prevention groups and workshops.

Participants are referred to the scheme by a recognised drug rehabilitation service, medical practitioner, HSE programme or Community Alcohol and Drugs Service (CADS). The role of our scheme is to assist participants to access appropriate treatments and supports and to enter or re-enter the labour market through the provision of relevant education, training and work experience on a fixed term basis through the CE Scheme. Many past participants have progressed onto full time employment, and some have commenced third level education.

The CE Scheme also offers a wraparound service which provides links to Counselling, advocacy with housing needs, mental health services and individual care plans.

Close links have been developed with the LWETB which has seen a significant number of accredited educational modules being delivered, both on an individual basis and as part of a group. Some of the opportunities offered by the program for people in recovery from substance misuse to re-engage into active community and working life include:
Relapse prevention
Support Groups
Safe Pass
Manual Handling
Diet & Nutrition
Life Skills courses
Individual Learning
Educational and Personal Development courses
Opportunities for work experience
Onward referral
Combined Guarding Security Course
Forklift licence

This is an important support service for people who are committed to addressing their addiction, becoming drug free, and staying drug free.

Laura Greene
CE Supervisor
MQI Athlone Community Employment Scheme

Helena Coughlan
CE Supervisor
MQI Athlone Community Employment Scheme

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