Administering intramuscular naloxone

Administering intranasal naloxone
Naloxone (pronounced na-LOX-own) is a prescription medication used to temporarily reverse the effects of opioid drugs for example heroin, morphine, codeine, methadone and fentanyl.

If someone experiences an overdose;

naloxone can help to keep a person alive until an ambulance arrives
naloxone works by displacing opioid molecules from their receptors in the body and brain.
There are two types of naloxone available in Ireland
Intramuscular Naloxone (brand name Prenoxad™)

A pre-filled syringe and needle which once assembled is injected into the middle outer thigh
Each pack is for SINGLE INDIVIDUAL USE only
5 doses of 0.4mg per dose.
Intranasal Naloxone (brand name Nyxoid™)

A needle-free device that requires no assembly
Each pack contains 2 nasal sprays which contain 1 dose each
If both doses are required they are sprayed into alternate nostrils
Each nasal spray is for SINGLE INDIVIDUAL USE only
1.8mg per dose