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The ‘Safer Student Nights’ campaign aims to make students aware of the current drug trends which could increase health harms. While it is safer not to use at all, messages will focus on practical steps to help students minimise the risks associated with use.

Current drug trends of concern:

MDMA: High strength stimulants and new drugs being sold as stimulants
Cannabis: Products sold as cannabis containing new and man-made substances known as ‘synthetic cannabinoids’
Reduce the harms
It’s always safer not to use and some people may be at greater risk due to personal factors
Be in the know before you go – research and stay up to date with drug market trends
Leave no one alone, stick together, have a friend you trust with you
Start low and go slow – take a small test dose. Pace yourself and leave time between use
Get medical help if you or a friend becomes unwell or feels suicidal after using drugs.
Be informed
Understanding drug emergencies and how to help a friend
Drug combinations ‘mixing drugs’
Harm reduction for different drugs
Cannabis edible factsheet/ Edible risk communication Januay 2023
Updates and warnings
How you can take part
Please share tweets and Facebook posts from @drugsdotie/ http://www.facebook.com/Drugs.ie/ and @TheUSI / http://www.facebook.com/USI.ie/
Please share messages on your social media platforms using the #SaferStudentNights hash tag
Get support
Find a local support service through the Drugs.ie National Directory of Drug and Alcohol Services

For information and support on drugs and alcohol visit Drugs.ie The HSE Drugs & Alcohol Helpline can be reached on freephone 1800 459 459 from Monday – Friday 9:30 – 5:30pm or email helpline@hse.ie

taken from: https://www.drugs.ie/SaferStudentNights